Health Care Prevails

Proud of our Democratic representatives in Congress that have fought to protect the Affordable Care Act and the tens of millions of people across the country that rely on it.

Just last week the Affordable Care Act was given a life line, after Republicans in Congress failed to pass their repeal and replace bill.  We can now enjoy a very temporary relief and a little celebration for the Senate defeat of the Senate Health Care bill.  

This fight is not over yet.  As Senator Elizabeth Warren said:

But don’t let down your guard – not all the way. Mitch McConnell can reintroduce another “health care” bill at any moment. Who knows what sort of scheme he’s working on with Speaker Paul Ryan right this minute.

People like McConnell and Ryan, people who are willing to take away health care from millions of Americans, will be with us for a long time – so we have to be vigilant. But please, enjoy this moment.


Having spent 30+ years in health care, watching costs spiral out of control seeing how patients are constantly fighting for coverage and struggling with copays and deductibles, I am ever more convinced that single payer is the way to go - there is a reason the insurance companies build those big buildings.


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