Brickbottom Petition

Friends, join me in signing a petition to tell Mass Transit to keep their promises!  As work begins on the Green Line Extension, we will see changes both good and tough for our community.  We will have new economic opportunities and many improvements to quality of life.  At the same time, with increase rail traffic some members of our community will be subject to increased noise.  Somerville worked hard with Mass Transit to come up with a great way to preserve the quality of life for our residents and artists at BrickBottom, by adding a noise barrier along the rail line with a large portion being made of plexiglass.  This way rail noise would be kept at reasonable levels and Brickbottom would continue to have the natural light it's artists need.  

I was shocked to learn that MassTransit has gone back on their deal.  Their new plan is to have almost no plexiglass in their sound barrier, cutting off much of the natural light that our artists thrive in, despite promising the opposite!  To many times has our city and community been subject to the whims of the state and other organizations.  So join me and sign my petition to MassTransit to keep their promises and let in the light!

Dear MassTransit,

I am a concerned citizen of Somerville and I stand with my neighbors in BrickBottom. It is unjust that Masstransit is going back on their promise to provide adequate sound barriers on the Green Line Extension tracks that don't throw BrickBottom into darkness.  The current plan released would raise solid sound barriers along the tracks that would block all of the natural light that our artists need.  I'm asking you to honor your original agreement to make a portion of this sound barrier out of plexiglass.  I'm asking you to keep your promise and let in the light!


Will you sign?