Beacon Street Clear Cutting

Being a resident of Beacon street and having lost the tree directly in front of my home you can well imagine my reaction.

This is a loss and very personal to me. I was born on this street, grew up here, I carefully tended the tree in front of my house because cars were continually hitting it ( lack of curb). I cherish the trees in my back yard and they all hold sentimental value of milestones in my life. When I lost 2 to disease it was like I had lost a friend and the back yard has never felt the same, you can replace the tree but not the memories.

 I have submitted a number of Orders for this week's Board of Aldermen meeting during which time we will get a full accounting of this tragedy. I hope you will be able to join us at a vigil on Sunday, October 15th and also the Aldermen's meeting on October 12th during which time we will receive an accounting of what happened.

Health Care Prevails

Proud of our Democratic representatives in Congress that have fought to protect the Affordable Care Act and the tens of millions of people across the country that rely on it.

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SCATV Interview

Happy to share my thoughts on Union Square and some of the issues facing our community, on SCATV.  

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Spring Time

It's finally starting to feel like winter is over!  I was out today promoting traffic calming and enjoying an excellent glass of lemonade with some of our great neighbors here in Ward 2.


Campaign Kick-Off

Please join me at my campaign kick-off party on April 19th at 5:30pm at the Kirkland Tap & Trotter.  We will have a special guest, Mayor Joe Curtatone.  Be sure to RSVP!  


I look forward to seeing you there!